Well… its that time again, when everyone wishes each other a ‘happy new year’ and everyone truly wishes that coming year would be better than the one ending… 🙂

2011 had been easy on me. The only major tensions I remember are the world cup matches, the final in particular and when mom got sick and those times when my periods were delayed ;). Which I consider to be very lucky.

Though I wasn’t directly affected by any, we saw a lot of natural disasters, all over the globe. A lot of unrest too.

Many famous personalities close to heart passed away this year. Sometimes surprising me how close they felt..

Lots of fun times with friends… Missing many events back home…Growing together as a couple…Working hard at gym…Innovating experimenting and stabilizing cooking…Getting closer to nature… Learning many new things…

My contribution to the world this year is an idea… Use your swimming goggles while cutting onions… 🙂

2011 was indeed a great year 🙂
It will always be close to my heart…

Happy 2012 🙂