Today we had a meeting with ‘the others’ in the ‘other office’.

The ‘Others’ are the not so fond of colleagues of another team.

The ‘other office’ is about half a mile walk away from ours.

And we are tied to each other. When there is talk about untying us, my manager equates it to hip surgery. His manager thinks of it as brain surgery. And most of the rest of the world says divorce.

Anyway, our meetings are invariably intense in a corporate way. So today, when we got out of the meeting, my team got into the elevator and continued discussions on what just happened and should happen in the future…

Another person had also joined us in the elevator, this person got out when we reached 15th floor. And we continued our discussions.. After about a minute we realized that the elevator wasn’t moving anymore. Any guesses?

Yeah… We never hit the ground floor button..