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Labor day weekend kind of marks unofficial end of summer here. So there it was.. Summer fading away and we, the couple badly needed a trip all by ourselves… And we picked Virginia… The skyline drive, two trails and the Caverns at Luray to be more specific.
The caverns were so breathtaking that I wrote about them here.

The skyline drive was spectacular too.

It’s actually a 105 miles drive through Shenandoah national park, on the blueridge mountains of VA. All along there are overlooks offering gorgeous views of the valley and the mountains. We covered two thirds of the drive and did two hikes. First day evening we did the stony man hike. We found it easy, took 3 hrs in all. Stony man trail has a smaller loop called little stony man. Here’s a view from little stony man summit. There were handsome guys doing rock climbing 🙂

We moved on to stony man summit.. The place was much more quiet..

The sky was cloudy, so we missed out what would have been a spectacular sunset 😦 But as a consolation we saw deers, stag, a kiddo bear and lots n lots of butterflies..

Next day we hiked a harder trail, it promised a waterfall.. Except for the niagara falls, all of the waterfalls I have been to here had very less water. Blame it on the waterfalls in Kerala… I am so used the watery waterfalls :).  Though there were no breathtaking views, we saw a lot of huge rocks and trees.

Here’s the view from what I believe is the best overlook of the drive