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I read this article in TOI. I am disturbed, furious and then plain sad.

I have never known a disabled person, except for one aunt who is partially disabled. She was married and has a son too. Somehow this topic never crossed my mind.

Once my initial shock was dealt with, I found no surprises in what is happening. Me being what is considered normally abled person, was never given any sex education. I was also a day scholar throughout my education, so there were no knowledge sharing sessions that typically happened in hostels.  There is only so much you can learn from bollywood and hollywood.

Post college, work days, me and my room mate wanted us to be educated about the crucial missing links. There was nothing like quality sex education available , and we turned to watching youtube masala videos for a basic crash course. How pathetic is that!!!

My husband was also on the same boat. Together we have explored much, but our knowledge and experience remains crude.

Who do you blame for this? What is wrong in educating people on sex?

How can sex be taboo in a country which has Kamasutra to its credit??? I have no answers!!!