I walk past the ground zero everyday as part of my work commute. I am not disturbed by this possibly because I never saw how it was before. But it has been slightly difficult the past week and even today…

In the under two minute walk close to ground zero and the trinity church, I saw people bringing flowers to the site, tying white ribbons with the message ‘Remember to love’. Their faces had shades of sorrow as well as relief. I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of those ribbons, but see the pic from yahoo news here.

And these gestures by people who very well realize it could have been them in those towers planted a strange thought in me – What if I had actually seen the towers in real, would it have been as easy to live through it?

I am not sure… I know and hope that I will never be able to find that out.

There were many discussions in the Indian media about a lot of related topics… Changes to the world, Financial sides of this fight etc etc

I dint see anyone highlighting one fact that was of particular interest to me. The fact that after the fateful day there wasn’t any major successful terrorist attacks in USA. The fact that this nation’s security is of supreme importance to the leaders and they will do everything they can to maintain it, is, to say the least, very relieving.

And the below is from a friend’s facebook status after Delhi high court blast.

Dear Mr Terrorist,
It is time you too learned a lesson:
Your terror does not work – at least in India. Its a normal story in India…
We are unable and incapable of taking it seriously….
Blast whatever you want…Parliament, Zaveri Bazar, Red Fort, German Bakery, Taj Hotel….
Our Govt does not care!!…. So try something better next time….

You know what was most infuriating about it – Knowing that it is true…